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Yagon-Bago-Golden Rock-Yangon

Afternoon we’ll visit to the awe-inspiring Shwedagon Pagoda, and other religious buildings under the light and seeing ways of life of the pilgrims at the pagoda. Temperature is quite pleasant and evening breeze makes you feel awesome and your guide will explain you the great history of Shwedagon.


*To satisfy our customer’s needs and surpass their expectations.
* To develop consistent and long term relationships with our clients and suppliers by ensuring satisfaction, safety, and continuity of business.
* To value our guests’ needs above all else and give them the best vacation experience.
* To provide our guests with as much information as they need regarding the places they’ll visit.


* To become one of Myanmar leading tour operator that provides excellent and innovative travel services to our guests.
* To be able to introduce and promote Our Myanmar tourism.
* To help preserve and maintain our country’s natural resources the best we can.

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