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BCT-029 Inle-Heho- Kyaing Tong

Day.1 Inle-Heho- Kyaing Tong

In the next morning, check out hotel and drive to Heho for the morning flight for Kyaing Tong. Arrive Kyaing Tong, the eastern capital of Shan State, rich with cultural and colorful tribes, populated by Shan, Akha, Ann, Ahku Loi and Lahu Tribes mingled by a few Bama and Indina people.Have lunch en route, visite, Phat Tha Zaung Mon Monastery, Maha Muni Buddha, Thit Tain taung Hill, and Naung Ton Lake and Zaung Khan Monastery. After sunset transfer to hotel,overnight in Kyaung Tong.